Meet Allen Einstein

Allen Einstein, founder and operator of Einstein Education Ecosystem,  utilizes his 32 years of experience of teaching at-risk public school students, coupled with his 37 years of experience as the Detroit Pistons team photographer, to create this dynamic, interesting program that inspires not only students, but the teachers who get involved as well. Einstein views education through a wide angle lens which allows him to see the scope and value in educating with consideration for the individual student and how they process information.

Praise for Einstein Education Ecosystem

“Allen Einstein has helped to change how Avondale teachers view their students and ultimately how they teach to better reach the students they serve through purposeful and engaging learning strategies.”

  - Dr. James Schwarz, Superintendent, Avondale Public Schools

"Allen has been able to share his knowledge and effective practices with our team of educators to help improve teaching and learning opportunities for all of our students."

- Jason Clinksale , Principal, Berkshire Middle School

"Allen Einstein has developed a program that provides educators with ways to reach even the most difficult, reluctant students.  His caring methods are a framework to develop the individual in many significant ways.  Self-worth, a sense of belonging, and responsibility for one’s actions help pave the way for a student’s success psychologically, socially, emotionally, and academically. Allen’s background and experience are key to his development of a program that sets the students up for accomplishments and success in high school and beyond. His ability to inspire and coach educators to differentiate their approach to learning benefits both staff and students. "

- Karen Boyk, Gurian Institute Master Trainer


As part of our mission to improve the educational system, we offer our program free of charge. We rely on your generous donations to make our program possible. Please consider making a contribution to Einstein Education Ecosystem today! Any amount is appreciated. Click the button below to donate via Paypal, or feel free to contact us if you would like to make a donation directly. Thank you.