Allen Einstein is an innovative educator who grew up in northwest Detroit. 


He graduated from Mumford High and received B.A. and M.A. degrees from Wayne State and Oakland University.  In 1999, he developed Project 2000, an at-risk self-contained program for 8th grade boys. After he retired from his teaching career he utilized his knowledge and experience in the field of educational consulting.

Educating children to become creative, contributing, achievement orientated adults who give back to society is his passion. To that end, he realized his greatest opportunity to influence the most students would be to work with teachers. Allen believes it is important to "pay it forward."  It is Einstein's hope that the creation and execution of TEM's goals will have a positive impact on educators, which will in turn, incentivize students. This will not only benefit teachers and children, but their community will become stronger for it as well. 

Allen formed his non-profit corporation, The Einstein Method in March of 2016, and received 501(3)(c) status the following July.