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The simple fact is: all students learn differently. Einstein Education Ecosystem provides the tools and instruction strategies to allow teachers to be more effective in the classroom. Allen Einstein has a strong history of developing innovative educational programs for unengaged youth. EEE was created to help teachers in an era when few appreciate the challenges of the teaching profession.

Einstein Education Ecosystem will provide experienced educators to assist and mentor teachers at no cost to the school.

EEE has made 22 Professional Development Presentations to over 651 educators!


Meet Allen Einstein

Allen Einstein, founder and operator of Einstein Education Ecosystem,  utilizes his 32 years of experience of teaching at-risk public school students, coupled with his 37 years of experience as the Detroit Pistons team photographer, to create this dynamic, interesting program that inspires not only students, but the teachers who get involved as well. Einstein views education through a wide angle lens which allows him to see the scope and value in educating with consideration for the individual student and how they process information.

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Together, we can improve our children's schools.

As part of our mission to improve the educational system, we offer our program free of charge. We rely on your generous donations to make our program possible. Please consider making a contribution to Einstein Education Ecosystem today! Any amount is appreciated. Click the button below to donate via Paypal, or feel free to contact us if you would like to make a donation directly. Thank you.

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Praise for Einstein Education Ecosystem

"The workshop presented by Allen Einstein and Karen Boyk at Pasteur Elementary in Detroit was exceptional! Never before have I seen teachers so animated at a meeting after school hours. I visited a classroom a few days later and saw three of the methods they demonstrated being used. The students seemed more alert than I had ever seen before. It would be great if every educator could experience the Einstein Education Ecosystem!"

- Marcy Feldman, President, Pasteur Elementary School Alumni Foundation


"Educators receive numerous hours of Professional Development throughout their tenure as a teacher. As a building principal, and instructional leader, I try to provide professional development opportunities that will appeal to all staff. Allen Einstein and Karen Boyk, from Einstein Education Ecosystems, presented real world best practice strategies that can be immediately implemented in the classroom. Not only did staff enjoy the presentation, covering the most relevant topics facing educators today, they are still talking about the information weeks later."

Pam Vermiglio, Principal, Oak Park Freshman Institute

"The Einstein Education Ecosystem Workshop was a valuable professional development resource that changed the mindset of every youth worker that attended the session.  A month later, I am still hearing staff sharing what they've learned with others and referring them to contact the EEE Foundation.  As a trainer and facilitator myself, I was impressed with the level of interactions and activities throughout the workshop while providing key facts and pertinent information that kept the participants engaged throughout the session.  The information received is an intricate factor in providing a quality learning experience for youth whether in school or out of school activities.

- Kimberly Newberry, Founder, President & C.E.O., Developing Kingdoms In Different Stages (Developing K.I.D.S.)